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Easy Treat: Monster S’mores

easy and kids will love these! monster smores!

Halloween is here! Well, almost. October flew by and I almost didn't get to share these Monster S'mores.  Even though there are only a few hours before the ghosts and goblins start haunting our neighborhoods, there is always time for an easy extra treat. Don't you agree? These literally take a few minutes to throw together, so if you're out of time but still want to serve up something festive... these should totally fit the bill. If you can handle something a little more gory - but still … [Read more...]

Tasty Local Cuisine: Hood Cream Food Truck Festivals of New England

hood cream

I have to admit that being asked to be a guest judge at the Hood Cream Food Truck Festival in Newport this past weekend was by far one of the most cool things I've done yet. I eagerly said yes immediately. I mean, food truck food that I'd get to sample? Yes please. How could I go wrong? Hopefully you made it out if you're local, if not, don't worry. I'm going to fill you in on all the happenings. You might want to grab a bib before reading on, fair warning. Food trucks lined up at the … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Help Save Bees Today & Reasons You’ll Want to!

5 everyday ideas on how to save bees and the reasons you'll want to help. #beefriendlier

I have to admit that I don't often think about bees, unless of course, one is headed straight at me or buzzing around my head. But, after learning that they're literally disappearing right now and finding out what that means for us when it comes to our food, I've given these tiny creatures a big second thought. I hope you'll read on and learn how we can all help to save the bees and the reason that you'll want to! This is a sponsored post about the Bee Friendly movement to raise awareness about … [Read more...]

Death by Chocolate Slow Cooker Dump Cake

Get your chocolate fix with this death by chocolate dump cake for the #slowcooker

Seriously, it's National Chocolate Day! Now, I would (and do) happily celebrate every single day but it's cool that there is actually a day where chocolate is celebrated publicly. It was hard to resist sharing some chocolate goodness, so I didn't. I didn't resist. I've been itching to try making a "dump" cake. Not sure if I was just living under a rock or what, but I've only recently heard about this epic idea a year or two ago. So, it was certainly about time to try one for myself and to … [Read more...]

Never Miss an Episode with the Cox Contour App

walking dead cupcakes

There's nothing worse than missing a show that you're totally into. The Walking Dead is that one for me. I plan to watch it each Sunday night, but sometimes my plans go south. Last month I told you that I was checking out Contour by Cox and today, I'm going to tell you just how I'll never be missing my favorite show again! Can I get a whoo hoo to that?  There's nothing worse than not being able to keep up with a T.V. series, just because you're busy! I am a member of Everywhere Society and a Cox … [Read more...]

12 of the Best Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes

12 of the best slow cooker chicken recipes. mmm.

There is nothing as comforting as a slow cooker meal this time of the year.  When I use my slow cooker, 9 out of 10 times I'm making chicken. It's such a versatile food that can really be changed up in so many ways. Plus, it's my hubby's absolute favorite. I’ve collected some of the best sounding slow cooker chicken dinner recipes that will be perfect for the cooler weather. Hungry yet? This is a sponsored collection for, all opinions are my own. Check out Best Slow Cooker Chicken … [Read more...]

Join the #PurinaHalloweenWM Twitter Party


Wowee, Halloween is almost here! There is so much fun in store for all of us and we promise that it's all treats and no tricks! I'm officially inviting you to kick off Halloween week with a fun chance to chat about ways to celebrate and treat your pets. Celebrate Halloween this year with Beggin' - The Official Dog Treat of Halloween™! Head to the Purina Pet Park where you can play the Treat Seeker game for a chance to win one of 25,000 treat samples for your pet! This is a sponsored post by … [Read more...]

Birthdays & Armpits. See how I’m celebrating them like a boss.

birthdays and armpits

It's my birthday today, so I feel that I'm entitled to a free pass to chat about armpits freely. Do armpits and birthdays really have anything to do with each other? Hmm it's a slight stretch. Unless you consider that we're born with armpits. Or perhaps you want to wave your hands like you just don't care on your own birthday. I surely won't be the one to judge. Aha, if you want to smell good on your big day, attention to your pits is probably imperative. That's it! I've found the real … [Read more...]