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3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Fiesta Chicken Recipe

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Looking for something easy for dinner? How about slow cooker chicken that only has 3 ingredients? Right up my ally! Now, I’ve been making this recipe for about a year. I started out with about 5 or 6 ingredients. As time went on after some intentional and accidental trials, I realized that the same taste could be accomplished with just 2 ingredients added to the chicken. My hubby and son love this recipe and it makes my day go ever so smoothly. Set in the slow cooker in the morning and it’s ready when it’s time for dinner.

Only 3 ingredients in this delicious slow cooker Fiesta chicken!

What are the other 2 ingredients? (Since you obviously already know one of them is chicken!) It’s a jar of your choice of salsa and a can of Campbell’s Condensed Cheddar Soup. Easy peasy and it makes a really nice blended “fiesta” chicken. You can also choose the level of kick by option for mild, medium or hot salsa. The choice is yours. This is one of the most simple chicken recipes that
I use (save for throwing frozen nuggets into the micrwave), hope you’ll like it too!

Only 3 ingredients in this delicious slow cooker Fiesta chicken!

3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Fiesta Chicken Recipe


  • Salsa Jar (16 oz)
  • 1 Can of Campbell's Condensed Cheddar Soup
  • 2.5 lbs Boneless Chicken


  1. Add all three ingredients into your slow cooker. Stir periodically. Cook in your slow cooker for about 4 hours on high or 6-8 hours on low. Voila!
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3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Chicken #Recipe

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  1. I don’t do a lot of slow cooker meals but this one looks really good. I don’t do mexican a lot but I am wondering if I could this with cream of mushroom soup and sour cream. I think I will have to try that! Thanks for the recipe :)

    • I do chicken with cream of mushroom and sour cream a lot. I sprinkle it with garlic salt first. It’s one of our favorites. Truthfully, you can throw just about anything you want in the slow cooker.

      Another easy one I do is, throw chicken, frozen corn, rinsed black beans and a can of diced Italian tomatoes in.

      Tonight, frozen meatballs, frozen mixed veggies, again diced Italian tomatoes and a carton of broth… Yummy meatball soup!

  2. This sounds so easy and yummy. I actually have all of the ingredients on hand, too! My son insisted on a can of the cheddar soup and we’ve been looking for something to do with it – this is perfect.

  3. That’s the easiest recipe I have ever seen – can’t screw it up! Plus I could plan ahead on busy swim nights.

  4. Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired says:

    This looks so easy and delicious! I can’t wait to try it.

  5. Debbie Petch says:

    I am always looking for easy recipes for my slow cooker. I will have to try it out!

  6. I’m always looking for crockpot recipes. This one looks like a keeper!

  7. Jen K MIng says:

    Ok, this looks super easy and yummy! gonna definitely try this!

  8. sharon klein says:

    This looks amazing and I am going to try this.

  9. Do you thaw the chicken first or would it be OK to put it in frozen?

    • Pat Cody says:

      It’s always OK to put any kind of meat in the crock pot frozen. I’ve done roasts and several kinds of beef and chicken. I almost always put ground beef in uncooked, too. Makes the prep so much easier and works out just fine.

      • I have often wondered about this … if you put frozen meats in the slow cooker, esp ground beef …where does all the fat/grease go that normally would cook off if you did the meat in a skillet beforehand?

  10. I love reading reviews. They are so helpful when they offer suggestions on additions to recipes or new ideas.

  11. Hi Lucy,

    Thanks for stopping by ;) I don’t actually do any pre-seasoning at all. But, if you wanted to kick it up a notch, that certainly wouldn’t hurt the recipe!

  12. The directions say to stir periodically. Do you do this through the day? Will it hurt if you aren’t home all day and can’t stir it? I can’t wait to try this. Sounds yummy and easy!

    • Dawn Lopez says:

      Hi Judie,
      I think you would be okay not stirring, but I would recommend making sure you cover chicken well with the salsa to make sure it is all moistened before leaving it to cook. That way you won’t end up with dry chicken, especially towards the top. Hope that helps and hope you like it! ;)

  13. This looks super yummy and so simple. Thanks so much! Less than 5 ingredients is always awesome!

  14. Yum yum yum! I can do this and it looks super simple!

  15. Debbie Dove says:

    How many does this recipe serve?

  16. If I use chicken breasts, do you need to cut up the chicken, or is it ok to put them in whole? Looks like a fabulous recipe!

    • Dawn Lopez says:

      Hi Colleen, you can put them in whole. The smaller the pieces are though, the more flavor will absorb into the chicken though. Hope you enjoy ;)

  17. Elisabeth says:

    Hi! This looks yum!! I’m always looking for new slower cooker recipes! How much rice do you cook to go with this recipe? Thanks!

    • Dawn Lopez says:

      That is a great question, it really depends on who will be eating it and the timing. I would guesstimate and say about 4 cups of cooked rice is the usual amount that I go for. Great for easy serve leftovers too.

      Thanks a bunch for stopping by!

  18. This sounds great and easy. What do you serve it with?

  19. Just curious, what were the other ingredients your recipe started with?

    • Dawn Lopez says:

      Hi Kelly, here were the other ingredients:
      6 Tbsp Green Chili Sauce
      1 Packet Taco Seasoning Mix
      1/2 Tbsp Onion Powder
      1/4 Tbsp Garlic Powder

  20. Do you add the water to the soup?

    • Dawn Lopez says:

      No, just the soup as is with no additional liquid, Once it warms, it turns into more of a liquidy sauce on it’s own. Hope that helps :)

  21. Try apricot jelly on top of breasts, then half package of french onion soup mix,
    Sprinkle with soy sauce, then coat with thousand island dressing and cook till internal temp is 165 f. Delicious! :-) Try it. You can bake it too.

  22. Rosemary Millar says:

    This almost sounds like Queso chicken … Think i will try it will Ro-tel tomatoes also..both sound pretty good

  23. maureen cree says:

    can u use something else if you don,t like salsa?

    • Dawn Lopez says:

      You certainly could! Just make sure it is similar in measurements so that the chicken will be covered in sauce!

    • Dawn Lopez says:

      Another commenter suggested canned diced tomatoes, I think that would be a nice alternative to consider if you like those! ;) Happy cooking!

  24. I saw that some may not be home to stir the crock-pot. What if they wrapped the chicken, soup and salsa n Aluminum Foil before they put it in the crock-pot . That would keep the chicken moist… Just a thought… The recipe looks excellent,. My husband will love it. Thanks for the recipe… :)

    • Dawn Lopez says:

      I can’t imagine that would hurt. Honestly probably wouldn’t be terrible if you could not mix it, I like to to ensure the chicken is covered in sauce. Thanks for stopping by ;)

    • janet conrad says:

      Eating this now & it is very good & flavorful. Will make again. Thanks for the recipe!!!! :-)

  25. Sounds good ….. Maybe another option could be
    Sweet and sour sauce and a can of undrained
    Pineapple chunks!

  26. Claire PHILLIPS says:

    Hi what could I substitute for the cheddar soup as I have never seen this at our supermarkets here in Australia?

    • Dawn Lopez says:

      You could probably substitute it for any other condensed soup that would work well with salsa. Hope that helps!

  27. janet conrad says:

    I just mixed the salsa & Healthy Request cheddar cheese soup together, put 3 boneless skinless chicken breasts in the bottom of my crockpot, covered the chicken added 3 more chicken breasts & put the rest of the salsa soup mixture over them. Hope it turns out well……sounds, smells & looks tasty. :-) I also will add some chopped green onions to the top when I serve it with brown rice & green beans……thanks for the great recipe!

  28. Alesha Schutz says:

    I was thinking about adding broccoli to this. When should I add it to the crock-pot? Or do you recommend cooking separately?

    • Dawn Lopez says:

      Hi Alesha, I think it would depend on if you were using fresh or frozen. If you do frozen.. it might work out if you put it in at the beginning. If you are using fresh, perhaps an hour before end time? Let us know how it works out for you!

  29. Barbara Kesterson says:

    This looks so easy and good. Wishing I would have seen this yesterday so we could be eating it tonight. But now it’s on tomorrows menu for a quick and easy Friday night dinner before everyone goes their own way. Thanks for sharing.

  30. This looks good I am making it Monday.. Would boneless chicken thighs work ok?

  31. I made this Monday it was soo good my hubby and son loved it..thank you!

  32. I’m snowed in at home in ATL and lookign for something to make for dinner with what I have…. Got the chicken and the salsa, only have condensed cream of chicken soup…… wonder if that will work? I like the idea of the cheese in the mix, but no cheddar soup, only shredded.

    • Hi Laura! We are expecting more snow this way too. Stay warm! Hmm, I am pretty sure any of the condensed soups of the same size would work great. Not sure about the flavor, but I don’t think you could go wrong with adding more chicken flavor to chicken. If you want some cheddar, you can always added shredded in once it’s cooked through. Let me know how you make out ;)

  33. I like easy and chicken and Mexican. Here we go..I pinned this recipe :o)

  34. Can you make this with frozen chicken as well?

  35. Hi Jayme,

    Absolutely! You may need to factor the timing though depending on whether your frozen chicken is pre-cooked or raw!

  36. I got my answer but could you also put dark red kidney beans in with the mixture?

    • You can definitely add them. Not sure if they would get a little mushy though. Also you may want to try with just a little less chicken to not take away from the flavoring. Let us know how you make out!

  37. You had me at “3 ingredients” :)

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