St. Patrick’s Day: Printable Lucky Pop Soda Decor

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? I’m part Irish, but I think I’d still join the festivities regardless. So fun finding all things green and creating a fun celebration. We only drink soda as a treat around here and I can’t think of any better time than on St. Paddy’s Day to indulge in the fizzy stuff.
St. Patricks Day Soda #Printable #StPatricksDay
So, I was pondering. What do you think Leprechaun kids drink? Maybe green milk? That’s always fun. Well, if I had to guess, I’d say Lucky Pop powered by none other than 4 leaf clovers.

St. Patricks Day Soda #Printable #StPatricksDay

I created a printable to decorate mini bottles of soda. I chose Sprite because the bottle is pretty green, so it totally worked out nicely. These were made to fit the mini 16 fl. oz sized bottles perfectly. Need a snack to go along with your Lucky Pop? Serve up some Lucky Charms cereal! I’ve been brainstorming some ideas to make fun recipes with the cereal, so stay tuned for more St. Paddy’s day fun crafts and recipes.

St. Patricks Day Soda #Printable #StPatricksDay

What you need to make these too:

Mini 16 fl oz bottle of soda (I used Sprite)
Print off our Lucky Pop Soda sheet (5 per page)

Simply cut out each tag and tape around the width of the mini soda bottle. Voila! Instant cuteness for St. Patrick’s Day!

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? What fun and memorable things do you do?

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  1. Dorothy Boucher says

    what a wonderful idea and yes i do celebrate st patty’s day 😉 thanks for the tips @tisonlyme143

  2. Dona Keyton says

    What a clever idea! I miss not having little ones around to celebrate all of these creative holidays. My Grand kids are so far away, and they are in their late teens now.

  3. Susan Broughton says

    These are really cute St. Patricks day items. I remember when I was a kid we only had soda on special occasions too. Now I wish I could go back to that but it takes so much determination.

  4. desiree says

    that sound great we used to when my family was around we are irish and go to the parde and every thing

  5. Kellie says

    So very cute! It would work well with the ginger ale bottles as well.

    I happen to be privy to some wee leprechaun secrets and have it on good authority that they love Shamrock Shakes. :)

  6. Maddie K says

    Ok, I’ve been inspired by this. I printed labels off today and now I’m going out to buy the sprite bottles. Very cool! Thanks!