44 Slow Cooker Recipes with 4 Ingredients or Less

No matter what time of year it is, my slow cooker is always my best friend.  I only started using it a couple of years ago and instantly fell in love. (I know, what was I thinking?) Since then, it’s become a huge time saver and what’s more, the food is delish! With about 5 million other things to squeeze into a day, why not making cooking a little easier? I’ve scoured the web and leaned on some of my blogging buddies to come up with this fabulous big list of 44 slow cooker recipes with 4 ingredients or less! Please do note, that I do not take credit for creating the recipes, unless they are on my site. I am simply linking to recipes for your convenience and hopefully enjoyment ;)

44 Slow Cooker #Recipes with 4 Ingredients or Less

Slow Cooker Recipes with Chicken

Slow Cooker Fiesta Chicken from Homemaking Hacks

Spicy Buffalo Chicken from Tammilee Tips

Southwest Chicken Dinner from Tammilee Tips

Mango Chicken Tacos from Cupcake Diaries

Slow Cooker Beer Chicken from SusieQTpies Cafe

Savory Citrus Chicken from Miss in the Kitchen

Crock-Pot Qdoba Night from Wine & Glue

Easy Cheesy BBQ Chicken from Like Mother Like Daughter

Crock-Pot Salsa Chicken from Persnickety Plates

Crock Pot Lemon Chicken from Persnickety Plates

3 Ingredient Chicken Cacciatore from Shockingly Delicious

Zesty Italian Crockpot Chicken from Sippy Cup Mom

Slow Cooked Cider Ham #Recipe

Photo Credit: Savvy Eats

Slow Cooker Recipes with Meat

Slow Cooked Ham in Cider Gravy from Savvy Eats

Crock-Pot Ham from Tammilee Tips

Slow Cooker Camp Dip Recipe from A Mom’s Take

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork by Matter of Cents

Slow Cooker Root Beer Pulled Pork from Cupcakes and Kale Chips

Slow Cooker Root Beer Pulled Pork from Shugary Sweets

Kalua Pulled Pork from Juanita’s Cocina

Pulled Pickled Pork from Juanita’s Cocina

Slow Cooker #Recipe Round Up

Photo Credit: Juanita’s Cocina

Sweet n’ Spicy Meatballs from Juanita’s Cocina

Slow Cooker Taco Meat from Around My Family Table

Smoky Baby Back Ribs from Shockingly Delicious

Salsa Roast Burritos from Java Cupcake

Crock-Pot Apple Kielbasa Bites by Very Culinary

Slow Cooker #Recipes with 4 Ingredients or Less

Photo Credit: Cupcakes and Kale Chips

Super Simple Slow Cooker Steak Pizzaiola from Cupcakes and Kale Chips
Easy Slow Cooker Pork Chops from Sweep Tight

Slow Cooker Recipes with Fruits & Veggies

Slow Cooker Applesauce from The Lemon Bowl

Slow Cooker Cranberry Sauce from The Lemon Bowl

Apple and Pear Compote from EverydayMaven

Slow Cooker Baked Potatoes from Around My Family Table

Step by Step Slow Cooker Pumpkin Purée from Healthy Slow Cooking

Caramelized Garlic in the Crock-Pot from Shockingly Delicious

Caramelized Onions in the Crock Pot from Shockingly Delicious

Miscellaneous Slow Cooker Recipes

Slow Cooker Lavender Rose Pear Sauce from Healthy Slow Cooking

Easy Slow Cooker Lasagna from Around My Family Table

Homemade Vegetable Broth from This Flourishing Life

44 Slow Cooker Recipes with 4 Ingredients or Less #Recipes

Photo Credit: Healthy Slow Cooking

Breads & Breakfast Slow Cooker Recipes

Slow Cooker Pumpkin Oatmeal from Healthy Slow Cooking

1 Hour Slow Cooker Bread from Homemaking Hacks

Slow Cooker Apple Bread from Adventure Yum

Slow Cooker Pancake Bake from Homemaking Hacks

Crock-Pot Monkey Bread from Tammilee Tips

And, that is a wrap! Hope this helps save you some time in the kitchen! Test and try some of these recipes, let me know which are your favs!

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Of course, no meal is complete without dessert!

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Phew! Do you still need more? Follow my Slow Cooker Pin Board on Pinterest! Happy cooking!

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  1. Love this! Definitely doing the spicy buffalo chicken tonight!!

  2. Thank you so much for including me in the roundup. Slow cookers are the best!

  3. cori-jo p says:

    Oh boy! Tried out the monkey bread and it is amazing! So easy to do and clean up after. I picked up the biscuits as a last minute idea and was able to make it while I was making other dishes and they were ready when I was done. What a perfect treat for the big kid in the house for the first football game of the season (hall of fame game)! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sandy Cain says:

    Wow, thanks for these! For sure I am going to fix the Cranberry BBQ Chicken! I can taste it now, I am so hungry for it! (I’ll fix the others, too but this one just makes my mouth water)

  5. Great round-up! Thanks for including me!

  6. this is an awesome list! thank you i have been looking for more slow cooker recipes :)

  7. I looooove my slow cooker with a passion! Thank you so much for including me in this roundup!

  8. Hi Dawn,

    Thanks for including my slow cooker recipes!! You rock as does this collection! I’m sharing it!
    xoxo susieQTpies

  9. I have been using my slow cooker a lot this summer. Thanks for all the great recipes!

  10. Thanks, Dawn, now I am hungry! :) Of course, I have plenty of recipes to fill me up. I love crock pot recipes especially when they are easy!

  11. I just bookmarked this post so I can refer to it next time I want to plan some slow cooker meals, thank you! I love my slow cooker and I love EASY, sometimes recipes call for so many ingredients that they just aren’t practical to make often. This is right up my alley!!

  12. Janel C says:

    I totally need to be cooking with my slow cooker more. These recipes look awesome!! Such a great resource. Thank you!!

  13. Thanks for including my recipes in your excellent roundup! What a great collection of ideas to try in the coming weeks, and especially as school starts again in the fall . We’ll all need some time-saving strategies.

    • Thank you so much for allowing me to include them! I am also excited to rely on these recipes for the fall.. I think they will save lots of time.. and money too! Thanks so much for stopping by ;)

  14. I absolutely love using my crock-pot! Thanks for including my recipe :)