5 Seriously Weird Turkey Videos for Thanksgiving

This is a fashionista events opportunity.

It’s November already, can’t believe it! Thanksgiving will be here in a flash, so I figured hey… let’s get into the spirit of things. I found some hilarious and more specifically totally WEIRD videos for your viewing pleasure. You’ll either thank me for the good laugh or get ticked off at me for completely wasting your time! Hope it’s just a laugh, thank you 😉

Turkey Chases Reporter

Yeah, I don’t know about you but this would not be me.  LOL!

What Does the Turkey Say

Yeah, not the fox… its all about the turkey now. Although ironically we all know what the turkey says.. but A for effort for this humorous and STRANGE video.

Crazed Town Catapult Turkey Launch!

Looks like fun… until something breaks of course.

Pilgrims and Turkeys: The True Thanksgiving Story! 

The short parodies the efforts of early settlers in their chase for the first Thanksgiving turkey. 

Can’t Stuff This.
A funny take on the song Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer. Clever.

Have you seen any weird Thanksgiving or Turkey Vids lately or does this do it for you?

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  1. says

    Of course, we had to check out What Does the Turkey Say video (as we are huge fans of What Does the Fox Say). These are too funny/weird! Thanks for sharing. I can’t believe Thanksgiving will be here soon.

    • Dawn Lopez says

      LOL! She was supposedly there to inspect the turkey.. since people had reported that it chased them too! Like .. DUH! Haha!

  2. says

    Ok, these turkey/ Thanksgiving videos are cracking me up. Loved the turkey chaging the lady, and “Can’t Stuff This” too funny!

  3. Janeane Davis says

    We should always find a few moments for joy and laughter each day. Thank you for our contribution to that!

  4. says

    These are too funny and it is true that for some crazy reason at this time of year, the turkeys all seem to know what’s going on. They all want us to eat hamburger instead LOL.

  5. says

    How hilarious. What a fun thing to share with your family as you are getting ready for turkey day. The Can’t Stuff This video took me back to my MC Hammer lovin’ teen years. Thanks for the laugh.