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Are you feeling like a Fabulista? Are you into styles and putting cute looks together? No, I’m not writing this post because I could use fashion advice, although I probably could use it. I’m actually inviting you to share your fun style because I have some great news to share with you today!  Grab your phone or camera because it’s time to create a look that’s inspired by one of our favorite Caress® scents: Scarlet Blossom™, Sheer Twilight™, Precious Bloom™, or Evenly Gorgeous®, snap to share on Instagram! Be sure to tag it with #fabulistastyle because you’ll be eligible to win an all expenses paid trip to LA for 2! Yes, I’m serious!

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So before I share the details on how to get entered, let’s go over the prizes. Not only will the winner receive an all expenses trip for two to LA, but you are going to get a $3K shopping spree, 5-star accommodations and to seal the deal you are going to get red carpet treatment! Sign me up!


✔ 3 days, 2 nights trip to LA for you and a friend
✔ Luxe accommodations in a 5-star hotel
✔ $3,000 shopping spree
✔ Red carpet treatment

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So, as promised… here are the deets on how to get yourself entered for the Fab Style Photo Challenge for this crazy amazing prize package!

  • Create a look that’s inspired by one Caress® scents: Scarlet Blossom™, Sheer Twilight™, Precious Bloom™, or Evenly Gorgeous®
  • Instagram a photo of the look and include tag: #fabulistastyle
  • Visit bit.ly/fabulistastyle to fill out the entry form.
  • You can enter daily for an additional chance to win!

The winner will be chosen at random from the qualifying entries, so don’t be shy! Get your entry in daily!

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The Fab Style Photo Challenge contest ends December 15, so be sure to submit your fab style today!


Want more details on how to enter? Check out the Fab Style Photo Challenge today!


P.S.  Caress® scents is on rollback at Walmart right now! I can’t wait to try the Evenly Gorgeous®!


How awesome would it be to win a free trip to LA for two?

Have you tried the Caress® scents yet?

Which would you like to try first? Scarlet Blossom™, Sheer Twilight™, Precious Bloom™, or Evenly Gorgeous®?

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