Motivating Ideas to Help You Get In Shape for the Holidays + Daily JayBird Headphones Giveaway

This is a sponsored post brought to you by JayBird, all opinions are my own. Let’s face it, after the holidays are over and the new year sets in… many of us create resolutions. Often they are the same set of resolutions that we’ve had for the past five years, yet nothing has changed. Am I alone here? So, I was thinking, what if we got our butts in gear before Thanksgiving? I know that I always feel better when I’m active, it’s like a chain reaction that also causes me to eat better overall. Then what is the problem you ask? I think it’s motivation and also planning ahead which is often difficult when you have a zillion things going on at once… especially during this time of the year. So, what would it take to try and commit now instead of repeating history over and over again? Let’s throw some ideas out there and see where that lands us. Sound good?

Goodness knows that I can use all the motivation I can muster, so I am writing an open list of motivating ideas to you, but know that they are really for me too! I could use a swift kick in the derriere to get me rolling!

Motivating Ideas to Help You Get In Shape for the Holidays

✔ Find a workout buddy asap! It will be easier to hold each other accountable to get err done if there are more than one of you.  Make sure to choose wisely my friend. Make sure the have the same goal in mind otherwise this one could royally backfire.  (Girl, you know who you are, lol). Find the perfect partner and challenge each other. You can do this.

✔ Download an app for that.  Need a virtual shove or too? How about an app that reminds you to squeeze your workout in? I use Alarmed to remind me of things. Then there are apps that you can log your progress and even foods eaten such as My Fitness Pal, love that one! So many apps to choose from, your sure to find the ones that can be your personal butt kicker or cheer leader!

✔  Print Your Holiday Wardrobe Now.  Just yesterday I was eyeballing this amazing little black dress, but it sure does show off a bit of leg. I know I’ll have to pull off a miracle if I plan on wearing something like that for Christmas. But it got me thinking… that might just be the exact thing that will motivate me to get moving so that I can actually squeeze myself into something like that!  I might not go so far as buying the outfit yet, but print it out and hang it somewhere that you can see it often.

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✔ Buy Accessories that Keep You Moving. Invest in some accessories that keep you motivated.  It might be a water bottle you’ve been eyeing or an awesome pair of fitness headphones that keep you jamming to your favorite tunes. Use little tools like this to motivate you, it will be worth the investment!  JayBird creates state of the art headphones for active lifestyles. Check out for details.

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Are you planning on getting in shape before the holidays or are you more of an after the holidays resolution maker?

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  1. says

    Great tips!!!! I know I already started putting on the winter weight. As soon as cold weather hits I quit! Maybe you should be my friend that holds me virtually accountable! 😉

  2. says

    I was thinking to myself earlier that I needed to start getting my body back in motion. I ended up taking the kids out for a walk. I just need to get motivated to do it everyday.

  3. says

    Absolutely! Working on your goals all through the holiday season helps so, so much! PS, I have a JayBird tee that I enjoy wearing on my home gym!

  4. JulieK says

    So true – getting in the mindset EARLY, having a plan and incentive in place before New Years will make it no seem like a shocker! :)

  5. says

    Those are great tips! I am super pregnant so just thinking about a holiday wardrobe makes my head-and wallet- hurt since none of my dressy clothes fit right now!

  6. Ashley - Embracing Beauty says

    Great tips to get moving! I really need to stay active while pregnant even though I just want to lounge on the couch.

  7. Daisy says

    I love the idea of buying accessories that help to keep you moving! This is perfect for my hubby and me.

  8. says

    Once I have fallen out of my workout routine, its hard for me to get back into it. I have to listen to music or watch tv to keep me entertained. That head set looks looks great.

  9. says

    Good tips….I ave started stopping by the gym after work to walk on the track. That is helping me to stay focused on trying to stay fit this holiday season.

  10. says

    I need to get in gear for sure on shedding some pounds and ensuring I don’t pack on more during the holidays! This sounds neat, haven’t heard of it before!

  11. says

    Those are some great motivational tips to get in shape. I know when I have a workout buddy I seem to be more consistent with my work out routine. The Jaybird headphones would be wonderful for solo workouts.

  12. Meagan says

    Great tips! I need to lose a few pounds for this holiday season. Sounds like I need to get a work out buddy asap!

  13. Eva says

    I keep setting goals for the holidays, usually something along the lines of not stressing out too much, and then also resolutions for the New year. I realize that as i get older, the decisions and plans tend to become more reasonable and actually achievable. Which is a nice change and I now see these goals as something that we as a family can decide on and live by. This year we will volunteer one day at a shelter and set aside 10% of our gift budget to buy little presents for children at the shelter.

    • Dawn Lopez says

      Hi Eva,
      Thanks for your comment. I like the idea of setting more realistic and achievable goals, that seems like the healthiest way to go about it. I love the sound of your new goals for this year, that is pretty amazing! Thanks for sharing 😉

  14. says

    Awwww.. I can’t believe you said the “W” word.. it’s Thanksgiving, that word doesn’t come out till new year… BOY oh Boy… BUT.. I did love your tips… and I guess it wouldn’t hurt to get in shape.. Thanks for sharing….

  15. Amanda says

    Music helps get us moving for sure! I do not set resolutions but loosing the baby weight from my 3.0 is high on my list for this year!

  16. says

    I am not a fan of working out! I do get out and walk everyday. I love your tips and think it is smart to start a routine before the holidays.

  17. says

    I have headphones and I still haven’t started my workouts. But i am making it my goal to be back in a size 8 by this time next year!