Hair Innovations with Suave® Gold-Natural Infusions Products & Walgreens Deal

When is the last time you got a compliment on your hair? It’s been a while for me. My hair feels so drab, dry and dull. An unexpected compliment isn’t just nice to hear, it can brighten your day! I know it sure would brighten mine. With spring officially here, I’m ready to improve the look of my hair! This is a sponsored post by Lunchbox, all hair-pinions (opinions) are my own. Suave® knows how important it is to infuse these moments of goodness into every day.  Suave® Gold-Natural Infusion’s is putting the goodness back into your hair so you look good, feel beautiful and radiate goodness outward into the world. Suave and Walgreens want to help spread this goodness with a special offer for you!

So, what is this “goodness” that can be found in these new Suave® Gold-Natural Infusions Products?

This new line of hair products have natural-infused ingredients like moisturizing macadamia oil and spray, thickening awaphui ginger, Moroccan oil for shine and Keratin  (my favorite) for smoothing.


Want to know how to get Voluminous, Loose Waves with these new products? Check out this video with Celebrity Stylist Marcus Francis:

New Suave® Gold-Natural Infusions Shampoo & Conditioner Products:
-Awapuhi Natural Infusion
-Macadamia Moroccan Infusion
-Shine Keratin Infusion: Smoothing

New Suave® Gold-Natural Infusions Treatment Products:

-Macadamia Spray Moroccan Infusion
-Moroccan Argan Styling Oil



Still need a reason to try these great new products? Check out this deal!

Buy $6 worth of Suave® Natural Infusion at Walgreen s and get 2,000 balance reward points!

What is one thing you would like to improve about your hair?

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  1. I am always looking for a shampoo that can work great with my hair. My hair is usually lifeless and flat.

  2. love Suave products, they make my hair so soft and they are so affordable! I cannot afford those pricey hair products and most of them do not even work!

  3. We just switched over to thier new shampoo. We really like it.

  4. I’d definitely like some more shine in my hair. It’s very thick and coarse. I have travel sizes of these!

  5. I love Suave! These sound like great products, I can’t wait to try them.

  6. Got some today. Love Moroccan oil

  7. I’ll have to try these!

  8. I have been using a different brand of shampoo, but have stuck to my Suave conditioner! Works great w/o being expensive.

  9. I Use These Products So Far So Good Great Products I Always LOVED Sauve!!

  10. My wife uses this shampoo and love it.

  11. I will have to try this shampoo! Suave products work very well!

  12. I have used this shampoo and I love it!! I color my hair and it is thick and tends to be dry. This shampoo makes my hair feel so healthy and shiny!!

  13. Love Moroccan oil and it sounds like Suave is listening to what people are looking for.

  14. I need to try a new shampoo, and this sounds great. Love the idea of the Moroccan oil in it.

  15. No JOKE!! This is a great deal to try a new product for cheap AND get the walgreens rewards! I need a good leave in conditioner so I am going to try these. I also like that they have some with Moroccan Oil.

  16. I have been wanting to try this new line out. Sounds great!

  17. Those oils are so good for your hair!

    I am allergic to most commercial shampoos and have to use olive oil or lye bar soap to wash my hair so when I see these great new products it makes me sad cause I want to try them.

  18. Suave is my fave. Love all their products.

  19. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    My kids and husband use Suave products, but since I started getting keratin treatments at the salon, I can’t use “regular” shampoo/conditioner anymore.

  20. i love suave hair products