It’s Heating Up: Beat the B to the O! #CertainDriConfidence

Hot summer days means more sweaty days, they turn you into… shweaty spaghetti as I often say. Sweating is totally natural, that’s for sure. It’s the potential resulting “B to the O” that’s um to say the least, pretty undesirable.

I remember constantly worrying about the B to the O for the longest time. Then, a friend who suffered from a condition which made her sweat a lot shared a pretty amazing secret that her Doctor had recommended. She introduced me to Certain Dri! Now, I’d tried pretty much every type of antiperspirant and deodorant on the market. None at the time had the staying power I was seeking. I even tried alternative types of deodorants like crystals and creams? I found nothing that worked any better than my regular good smelling favorite at the time.

I was definitely little leery about trying it. It was different and had NO scent?!

How could something with no scent actually help me fight B.O.?​

Well, with nothing to lose but shweaty armpits, I gave it a shot.

There were a lot of things that made trying Certain Dri unique. For one, you actually apply it at night before bed. That’s right! You actually put it on at night and not after a morning shower. You see, it works very differently than anything you’ve probably tried up until now.

It essentially stops sweat at a “different level” than other products.

What does that mean for you and I? That means, less sweat and in my experience NO unpleasant body odor. PLUS, yes, there is a need for CAPS right now. Once you get into a routine, the product actually stops excessive perspiration for up to 72 hours. See, I told you it was CAP-WORTHY.

I’ve always used the roll on, but now they also have a solid option. If you prefer solid anti-perspirant, this will probably be a good one for you to try while you get comfortable with the way it works. They also have Certain Dri A.M in a solid to use in conjunction with the product. This is great to keep extra freshness going this summer.

Join me in fighting shweaty spaghetti this summer! Get that confidence you deserve with Certain Dri! I think you’ll be very impressed, it can really change your comfort level!

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Have you ever had an embarrassing shweaty moment? How could Certain Dri help?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of CERTAIN DRI®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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    i am so lucky – i do not have any sweating issues and no mishaps. My husband isn’t as fortunate and sweats non = stop. will show this to him so he can try