Feel Good Meal! Easy Chicken Salad with Newman’s Own Salad Dressing

dressing pour

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Newman's Own for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy plenty of fresh produce. Tossing together a quick salad is the perfect way to end the day without having to fire up the oven on those extra hot nights. When I think about what truly makes me feel good, it starts with food but it also has a lot to do with making great choices for me and for my family. That's why I was excited to get a deeper look ...

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The Secret to the Juiciest Cheeseburgers {Safeway & Best Foods Sweeps}

Two secret ingredients turn burgers into the juiciest and tastiest creation ever.

Summer is still in full force. Time to relax a bit, have more fun and spend more time with family.  Through all the fun, make sure to also eat scrumptious flavors of summer.  On that note, have you ever grilled a burger and all you have left is a puck of hard meat to serve? That's no fun! So, I'm excited to share two special secret ingredients for the juiciest cheeseburgers you can imagine. Sound yum? This is a sponsored post by Lunchbox about the secret to Juicy Burgers. All opinions are my ...

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Quick Fix! Peanut Butter and Jelly Ice Cream

Quick Fix! Peanut Butter and Jelly Ice Cream. Only 3 Ingredients. Yes please.

When we have company, I always like to make homemade goodies to share. A couple of weeks ago when I was preparing and planning for company, my time was really limited.  It was still important to me to be able to make something fun, but using shortcuts was a necessity. Doing my normal blog stalking, my pal over at A Dash of Sanity shared a brilliant idea. Ice Cream. But, semi-homemade. Her clever idea involves taking already made vanilla ice cream and blending in delicious toppings. The ...

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Poolside Ice Cream Treat Fun (Free Ice Cream Sweepstakes)

flavor flurry

Are you enjoying summer? As I mentioned yesterday, we have our friends from Rhode Island visiting for the week. They have seven kiddos. That's right, seven! So, we've been doing a lot of fun kid oriented activities. Yesterday, I coordinated a surprise party for their 8 year old. Today, we spent the day poolside. Everyone was having so much fun, I decided to pack up some frozen treats to keep everyone cool. This is a sponsored post by Lunchbox about Flavor Flurry Fun, all opinions are my ...

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Fruit & Veggie Packed Breakfast Smoothie

Need a quick fix for breakfast? Try this easy and delish breakfast smoothie with fruits & veggies!

I love breakfast time, but sometimes I'm so busy that I put it off. I've been making an effort to get a balanced breakfast in within an hour of waking up. It's not always easy for me, but having great go-do delicious options sure helps! Today, I'm sharing a refreshing and delicious Tangerine Juice Breakfast Smoothie using one of a kind Noble Juice! This is a sponsored post about tangerine based Noble Juice, all opinions are my own. Remember last month when I introduced all of the ...

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“Me Time” Mocha Coffee Milkshake

Drool Time! Can't remember the last time I made a milkshake just for me!! "Me Time" Mocha Coffee Milkshake

We often thing about kids when it comes to milkshakes or at least it reminds us of our own childhood. On my monthly quest to take ten minutes for myself with the help of International Delight, I decided to splurge. I can't remember the last time I wrangled up the blender to make myself a milkshake, can you? I mean, I've had one here or there but they weren't exactly planned. With delicious Mocha Iced Coffee that's ready to grab out of your fridge anytime and delicious chocolate ice cream, ...

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Get Ready for the Shaun The Sheep Movie with Mini Pizza

Get ready for the upcoming Shaun the Sheep movie release with this adorable sheep make out of veggies to top mini pizzas with!

Do you enjoy watching good flicks with the family? Summer is a great chance to check out a great movie at the theater, you can cool off while doing something unique and fun. I'm really excited about the upcoming Shaun the Sheep movie out in theaters everywhere on August 5th and I can't wait to tell you why! To help kick off the fun, I'm also sharing a cute way to serve up mini pizza featuring none other than Shaun himself made out of veggies! This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Shaun ...

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Easy Anytime Ice Cream Bar

Throw a mini ice cream party anytime this summer with these simple and delicious ideas!

I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend packed with loads of fun! I feel like summer has officially started now! With nothing but fun memories to be made ahead of me,things are looking good. Since it's so hot in the summer, I thought it would be fun to share some simple ideas on how to throw an little ice cream party anytime. It's a great way to make any day more memorable this summer and even better for when you have company. This is a sponsored post by Lunchbox about ice cream and ...

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Pretzel Crusted Ranch Baked Avocados

Yes please! Baked avocados dipped in ranch and a pretzel crust. YUM!

Do you enjoy trying new things? Variety is the spice of life, they say. Today, I'm excited to share some tasty new products that will bring some variety to our summer. Not sure about you, but I've been dying to try baked avocados for a while now. They are definitely one of my favorite foods and I like them even more every year. With the combination of some crunch from crushed pretzels and lots of flavor, it finally happened! Yum! This is a sponsored post about Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® ...

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Indulge in these 5 Cold Treats for a Better Summer

Feeling hot, hot, hot? Cool off with these cold treat ideas for a way better summer!

It's officially summer now and the weather around here completely agrees. It was a high of 98° today. I was sweaty spaghetti big time. Not to mention, outr electricity went out for a good hour and a half.  That was rough. It was really apparent that we needed to up our cold treat game over here. This is a sponsored post by Lunchbox about Magnum Belgian Chocolate bars, all opinions are my own. Just for fun, I thought it would be cool to share my top five favorite cool treats that are perfect ...

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Keep Summer Lunches Fun with Sandwich Art

Are the kids bored already? Have more fun for lunch with DIY Sandwich art. Cute ideas to get you started!

Do you have kids home for the summer too? The change of pace can leave kids a bit antsy. No doubt that every parent has heard "I'm bored" more than their fair share of times. Goodness knows that I'm guilty of doing that to my own parents. As a frequent lunch making parent, I also need to keep it creative so that I don't join the masses and get bored. Well, what about playing with food? Creating some fun sandwich art might take a handful of minutes and make them less boring. This is a sponsored ...

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