Birthday Cake Freezer Pops Recipe

freezer pop draft

I've been blogging for almost five years, can't even believe how quickly the time has flown. Every once in a while, something totally cool happens as a result and this was one of those things.  A recipe that I created "Birthday Cake Freezer Pops" quite a while ago for my other blog "Adventure Yum' was featured in a magazine! I nearly jumped for joy when I saw my cute little treats in actual print.  Once stuck behind a desk answering phones, life has changed quite a bit in these last ...

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Cheesy Ranch Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe

cheesy ranch

Are you ready for your week ahead? Boy have I really been enjoying my weekends lately. No deadlines and no emails. It's a beautiful thing. But, the party is almost over folks, once again. It will be back to the grind tomorrow. For me, that means making sure I have a good dinner plan ready (or at least hoping to). Enter this Cheesy Ranch Slow Cooker Chicken recipe. It's something I've wanted to try for ages now and finally made it happen. It's packed with flavor and it's super simple to make ...

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Ice Cream Sundae Yogurt Parfaits Topped with Tasty New Granola Flavors!

ice cream yogurt parfait

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Nature Valley Protein Granola via Burst Media. The opinions and text are all mine. I seem to have a bit of a thing for making ice cream treats out of yogurt.  Have you noticed this too? These ice cream sundae yogurt parfaits are tasty and simple to make. I'm sure you've come up with your own fun layered goodies, but there is one ingredient that you may have not tired yet. Why? Because there is a tasty new granola in town. That's right! ...

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10 Interesting Tidbits about Preserving Food & Antioxidents

preserving foods

Today, we're taking a quick detour straight to our past.  Fasten your seat belts kiddos. The need to preserve foods has been happening for ages and ages. You could say that preserving food is actually a large part of our history as people and possibly an even larger part of our future.  Now, I'm not a professional food preserver or anything, but I had a chance to attend a really cool exclusive virtual briefing with ConAgra Foods to learn about antioxidant facts.  This is a sponsored post in ...

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Easy Mandarin Orange Dessert Comes Together with 3 Ingredients

orange mandarin dessert

Are you ready for another simple and satisfying dessert? How about easy mandarin orange dessert?  A couple of weeks ago, I shared the pineapple version of this delightful sweet bite. It's basically just three ingredients whipped up by hand into a glorious treat that will knock your socks off. Okay, maybe not literally but it sure will cure a sweet tooth. That is a real "condition", isn't it? If you remember, it's just canned fruit in syrup combined with dry pudding mix and whipped ...

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Another Easy Bite: Chicken and Potatoes Slow Cooker Recipe


Ah. Another Monday! That means time to kick into high gear for the week ahead. That means making sure there are simple go-to recipes at our fingertips among other things... like caffeine.  On the mission to try out minimalist slow cooker dinner recipe ideas, I wanted to try those cute little baby potatoes to add some heartiness to a meal. Enter the latest Chicken and Potatoes Slow Cooker Recipe. Aren't those little potatoes just so darn adorable? You can really go to town with a basic ...

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Easy Cheese and Beef Melts with a Surprising Ingredient (And Free Beef Offer!) Giveaway!

cheesy beef melts

Do you suffer from dinner boredom? I love trying new things, but in all honestly, I don't have a whole lot of extra time during the week. This week though, I served up something tasty and creative. Enter Cheese and Beef Melts baked up to glorious perfection. I was more than pleasantly surprised after being challenged to make a meal with the Helper Free Ground Beef Rebate. Wait, what? Did she say free beef? I sure did! Don't worry, I'm going to share this easy and delish recipe AND tell you how ...

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Make Chocolate Marshmallow Coffee, One Delicious Cup at a Time

chocolate marshmallow coffee for one

You could say that coffee was kind of a big deal to me.  Okay, not kind of. It's a huge part of my life. I don't think there has been a day that goes by... ever that I don't enjoy a cup or three. But, I'm kind of picky about it.  The truth is, I have trouble making coffee at home that meets my own standards. So, I've decided to try something new this week. Enter Chocolate Marshmallow Coffee made one cup at a time. No big batch, just make it when I want it! This is a sponsored post about McCafé ...

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3 Ingredient “Baby Bella” Chicken Slow Cooker Recipe

slow cooker chicken recipe

Have more things piled on your to-do list this spring? Hope you're out and about having more fun and enjoying at least a tiny bit of warmth. As with the turn of every season, there is always some adjustment to new schedules and things to do and get used to.  I've personally been playing around with some minimalist slow cooker dinner recipe ideas. This was the first time using Portobella mushrooms (Baby Bellas in this case) in my slow cooker, but it sure won't be the last. I just love them cooked ...

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Quick Fix: Apple Spice Cake Protein Smoothie

apple spice cake shake

I've been drinking protein shakes on and off to help boost my nutrient levels.  I love how delicious shakes and smoothies can be even when you're using the healthiest of ingredients. Blender clean up? Well, that's a different story.  I've done some experimenting with different flavors lately.  It all started with this delicious french toast smoothie I tried. Addicting and packed with good ingredients.  I wanted to try something similar but change up the flavor and ingredients a bit. Enter the ...

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Snack Hack: One Step Chocolate Covered Strawberry Freezer Pops

chocolate covered strawberry ice treats

Feeling warm yet? Last week, the cravings kicked in. I needed some fruity freezer treats. Heck, it's been in the 80's here in Florida.  It only seemed right.  It had been a while since I had any frozen desserts, so I was in the mood to try something new and refreshing. Enter Chocolate Covered Strawberry Freezer Pops. Before you run off to buy these, stop! We're going to make these in just one easy step. Enter Fruttare Strawberry! Your ultimate shortcut to this scrumptious "snack hack". This is a ...

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