Cool off with this Strawberry Yogurt Swirl Slushy

strawberry yogurt smoothie

With the warm weather here, I've been craving more fruit. The strawberries here look so amazing this time of the year and they are so delicious. I decided to make something that is simple, delicious and healthy for a treat. Combining a very simple real strawberry slushy, I swirled in some delicious Yulu Strawberry yogurt for a unique and refreshing combo. Just the perfect cool beverage for the hot summer days ahead. The tangy but sweet strawberry slushy tastes so good mixed up with swirls of ...

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Easy Parmesan Herb Bread with Only 4 Ingredients!

easy herb bread

Have you ever actually had a crush on food? I've been completely crushing on some gorgeous herb bread that I originally spotted on Pinterest. It might just be the prettiest bread that I'd ever laid eyes on.  I'm not the type to make bread from scratch. Actually pretty sure I would mess it up big time. So, I decided to give my go at a much simplified version that I'm calling Easy Parmesan Herb Bread which is more my style. What makes this bread extra fun is that it's "pull-apart" which ...

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Easy Pineapple Coconut Dessert Comes Together with 3 Ingredients

This easy pineapple and coconut dessert comes together with only 3 simple ingredients. Nom!

I just love tropical flavors. Pineapple, coconut, you know the usual suspects. This easy Pineapple Coconut dessert comes together with only three simple ingredients. Don't let the simplicity fool you, this recipe packs a satisfying sweet punch. Plus, I am kind of obsessed with these mini parfait cups and spoons that I ordered a while ago. They are the perfect size for a sweet treat any time. My hubby had a craving last week. He asked if I could pick up chocolate chip cookies with ...

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Protein Packed 4 Ingredient Baked Granola Breakfast Bars

Perfectly simple baked granola bars. Only 4 healthy ingredients!

We all know breakfast is one of the most important things needed to start the day.  Having easy go-to options is always a goal around here. During the week, we're kind of a grab and go family.  I just spent some time making some Baked Granola Breakfast Bars and only used 4 ingredients. They baked into the perfect kind of hand-held breakfast treat. Best of all, they're filled with protein galore and can be made in under a half an hour. Hand held and portable? Perfect! This is a sponsored ...

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Easy Veggie Packed Dinner: Fajita Slow Cooker Chicken

Make fresh fajita chicken with only a handful of delicious ingredients!

We've been trying to eat more veggies around here, as I mentioned last week. Since my slow cooker is the go-to dinner maker around here, I've been trying to come up with some fresh ideas. Fajita Slow Cooker Chicken seemed like a winner as it's packed with loads of peppers and onions. To give it a fun fresh look for the season, I used three different colored peppers. The beauty is that you can use whichever peppers are convienint. I opted for green, red and orange. Came in a affordable ...

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Need a Break? Try this Cinnamon Vanilla Upside Down Iced Coffee!

Cinnamon Vanilla Upside Down Iced Coffee!

This week has to be one of the busiest I've had in a while. I've struggled to keep it together and get it all done. My body and mind are both screaming for a break! I finally was able to carve out a few moments today to enjoy a delicious pick-me up!  Do you find it hard to squeeze in a little "me time" too? Keep reading, I think you might like this tasty idea so that you can take ten minutes to chil-lax too! This conversation is sponsored by International Delight. The opinions and text are all ...

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Fresh Mango Salsa Slow Cooker Chicken

mango salsa

Looking for slow cooker recipes that highlight all that is awesome about spring and summer? Enter this Mango Salsa Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe that uses plenty of fresh fruit and veggies.  This past week, I was trying to come up with some scrumptious ideas for this time of the year. This was definitely one of the winning ideas! For a fresh kick of awesome, I used ingredients that would be used to make mango salsa. With mango,  red onion, cilantro and cherry tomatoes, this easy recipe is ...

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Birthday Cake Freezer Pops Recipe

freezer pop draft

I've been blogging for almost five years, can't even believe how quickly the time has flown. Every once in a while, something totally cool happens as a result and this was one of those things.  A recipe that I created "Birthday Cake Freezer Pops" quite a while ago for my other blog "Adventure Yum' was featured in a magazine! I nearly jumped for joy when I saw my cute little treats in actual print.  Once stuck behind a desk answering phones, life has changed quite a bit in these last ...

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Cheesy Ranch Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe

cheesy ranch

Are you ready for your week ahead? Boy have I really been enjoying my weekends lately. No deadlines and no emails. It's a beautiful thing. But, the party is almost over folks, once again. It will be back to the grind tomorrow. For me, that means making sure I have a good dinner plan ready (or at least hoping to). Enter this Cheesy Ranch Slow Cooker Chicken recipe. It's something I've wanted to try for ages now and finally made it happen. It's packed with flavor and it's super simple to make ...

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Ice Cream Sundae Yogurt Parfaits Topped with Tasty New Granola Flavors!

ice cream yogurt parfait

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Nature Valley Protein Granola via Burst Media. The opinions and text are all mine. I seem to have a bit of a thing for making ice cream treats out of yogurt.  Have you noticed this too? These ice cream sundae yogurt parfaits are tasty and simple to make. I'm sure you've come up with your own fun layered goodies, but there is one ingredient that you may have not tired yet. Why? Because there is a tasty new granola in town. That's right! ...

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10 Interesting Tidbits about Preserving Food & Antioxidents

preserving foods

Today, we're taking a quick detour straight to our past.  Fasten your seat belts kiddos. The need to preserve foods has been happening for ages and ages. You could say that preserving food is actually a large part of our history as people and possibly an even larger part of our future.  Now, I'm not a professional food preserver or anything, but I had a chance to attend a really cool exclusive virtual briefing with ConAgra Foods to learn about antioxidant facts.  This is a sponsored post in ...

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