Create Memories with these 5 Activities for Moms and Daughters of all Ages

Create lasting memories with these 5 ideas for moms and daughters of all ages.

Mother's Day just past, but that's no reason to stop focusing on building up our own moms and celebrating daughters.  The relationship and bond between generations of all kinds is one of the strongest we'll cherish throughout our lives. When I think about who has been the biggest influence on who I am as a person and who has influenced my ideas of beauty, I always think about my own mother and grandmother. While they've both been an inspiration to me, they also play a large roll in my own ...

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Being Like Mom – My #BeautyStory

mom and I #throwback

My mother has taught me a lot. From being a mom to a friend to figuring out what kind of mother I want to be myself. One of the things she taught me was how treating myself well can make me look and feel. I may fail at times, but it's not because of a lack of inspiration! This is a sponsored post by Lunchbox about Dove #BeautyStory, all opinions are my own. My Mom - My #BeautyStory For as long as I can remember I've idolized my mom. She is so beautiful and kind and generous. I remember ...

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10 Ways to Feel Revitalized This Spring

10 ways to feel revitalized this spring!

Winter has come and gone, and spring is here. If you're like me, you're feeling very "blah" after the winter we had. That's why I've put together this list of 1o ways to feel revitalized for the coming months. It's spring, ladies! It's time to get our groove back! This is a sponsored post about Dove Revitalize products, all opinions are my own. Feel Revitalized. Get Your Groove Back The winter is a killer. It kills our spunk. It kills our vitality. It kills our groove. Winter is the season of ...

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5 Things That Will Make You Feel Girly Again

Feel girly again with these 5 fun ideas. Totally cute!

Do you ever just feel so wrapped up in the day to day that you forget about YOU? Totally guilty here. I thought it would be fun to think up some simple ways to feel girly again fast. I'm taking it way back today gals. Hope these ideas make you laugh, smile and maybe even get a glimpse back to some of the fun things you did growing up!  This is a sponsored post by Lunchbox about Dove Advanced Care, all opinions are my own. 1. Wear heels!  I remember wanting to wear my moms high heels SO ...

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5 Reasons for Your Dry Hands & Ways to Fight Back

dry hands

Dry hands are the worst. They're so rough and snaggy, it's like walking around with sand paper for skin. We all try whatever we can to keep dry hands at bay, but it can be a challenge to say the least. Especially when the most hand drying activities can't be escaped! Today's conversation is sponsored by Vaseline® Healing Serums available at Walmart in conjunction with Lunchbox, all opinions are my own. Dry Hands - The Biggest Offenders All kinds of things can cause your dry hands, but ...

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Hmm. Firmer, Smoother, Healthier-Looking skin in 28 Days?


I've gone pretty far in my life to conceal my age. It got slightly more serious when I hit 30. Okay, maybe not slightly.  It's not necessarily denial but more from the angle of "age ain't nothing but a number" or " you're only as old as you feel". At least that's what I've told myself.  This is a sponsored post about Burt's Bees Renewal Line in partnership with DataRank, all opinions are my own. Those that know me, have surely heard me say that I was 21 again every year on my birthday. ...

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10 Easy Ways to Feel Refreshed in 5 Minutes


I just love the spring-time. It's the time of the year that I want to feel refreshed. Warmer weather is slowly starting to make an appearance everywhere. It's usually the time of the year when I'm looking to jump start new routines. The long winter months make me feel a little cooped up and I'm ready to make some change. Spending more time outdoors, getting more active and refreshing my beauty routine. This is a sponsored post about Skincare at CVS by Lunchbox, all opinion are my own. I ...

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All Star Hair Tutorial: How To Get The Spiky Messy Look

messy look

We all know that pre-game rituals help athletes prepare for the big games, but what about everyday MVP’s? Today I have a special treat in honor of March Madness. I was lucky enough to convince my son to share how he gets his sporty spiky messy look. I must be on some lucky streak this week, normally he's too busy with watching and playing sports!  This is a sponsored post by Lunchbox about Dove Men+Care, all opinions are my own. We had a chance to try out some great Dove Men+Care products ...

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Fun Quotes about the Importance of Friendship

cute friendship quotes to make you smile

After moving many miles away from all my friends this year, I've been thinking about the value and importance of having them. If you have just one true friend in a lifetime, you are truly lucky. When it comes to having support and being able to share all of your deepest secrets, a girlfriend is irreplaceable. I hand picked some quotes that felt perfect for defining the value of true friendship in a fun way.  Today's conversation is sponsored by Depend. I thought the topic of friendship ...

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Tips for Wavy UnDone Hair or the Sleek Look & a Giveaway


We've been chatting about trying new hair styles and products that can help get the looks we crave.  The "perfectly" undone look is all the rage right now and I wanted to share a little more on how-to get this look and other great trendy styles by using budget friendly products from both TRESemmé and Suave. This is a sponsored by Lunchbox about new. TRESemmé and Suave products. All opinions are my own. Get "Undone" or Wavy Looks. Getting that slightly messy, undone beachy look that's ...

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Get Trendy Perfectly (un) Done Hair the Easy Way

undone hair

Can't tell you how exciting it is that un-done hair is not trending.  Talk about a free pass to chill out with hours spent doing hair. Loving it! I remember back in the day, I used to go through great measures to wash my hair at night then braid it, just to end up with the cute waves the next day. Now there are products that can help us achieve this cute and simple look anytime.  This is a sponsored post by Lunchbox about the new TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done hair care line. Discover your ...

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