Ultimate Me Time Ideas

Me time? What's that? Check out these awesome ideas to enjoy some time for yourself!

Imagine finally having some me time? What if you had an entire afternoon or better yet a whole day just for you? How would you unwind and treat yourself? I got to digging around for some ideas on things that would make my alone time pretty awesome! Hopefully this post will give you some inspiration too! This is a sponsored post by Lunchbox about Me Time with Magnum, all opinions are my own. Product photos courtesy of Target.com Ultimate Me Time Ideas If I were to have a day of alone ...

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4 Things I’m Grateful for that My Mom Probably Should Know


Do you have memories of wonderful moments with your mom that you think of from time to time? I was just thinking about my own mom and I realized that she probably doesn't know about some of the things that I'm truly grateful for. She probably doesn't know that I remember these little cherished moments and how they really shaped me as a person. This mother's day, I am going to change all that. I'm digging way back into my childhood to share my most memorable moments. Join me on this journey and ...

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The Time I Shopped Local and Regretted It.

The time I shopped local and regretted it.

It's good for the local economy. A great way to support your community, they say. But, when is it a better idea to not shop local? I never thought I'd be talking about this on my blog. That's because until this morning, I never had a reason to feel that it was a mistake to shop local. Now, don't yell at me yet. What I mean is, there are certain occasions where shopping local just isn't in my best interest. The story starts back in May when I needed to make some business cards. Now, I've ...

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Tips for Staying Safe While Holiday Shopping


The holidays are a time for celebrating, relaxing and rejoicing! Unfortunately there is also a darker side that comes in the form of greed. Since, I have my share of stories to tell about theft... I wanted to share some tips about staying safe while shopping during holiday season. I am a HotSpot Shield Ambassador, this is a sponsored post. All opinions and mishaps are my own. Let's stay safe this season! Tips for Safe Holiday Shopping I want to share with you some unfortunate things that ...

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Longest Two Hours of My Weekend: Case of the Missing Wallet

Dealing with Theft #Tips

FTC DISCLOSURE REQUIREMENT: Just Married with Coupons aims to provide unbiased editorials. However, I wish to disclose that from time to time I may receive free products or other compensation from companies for blogger reviews. This past weekend I lost my wallet! For two terribly long and stressful hours I made phone calls, searched my home, car and pretty much totally freaked out! All the questions arose such as "where did I lose it", "who has my wallet", "what would someone do with it if ...

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Wishlist: Options for Cruising In Style

Photo credit: bakersfield.porschedealer.com/

Do you often dream about things that might be out of your budget? I like creating wishlists for one day when I might have a bit more income or by some miracle become filthy rich. It could happen, right? Here is a fun guest post with options for cruising in style. Have some fun and let us know what you think. What automobiles do you daydream about having? Options for Cruising In Style Finding the right car can be a fun, but daunting task. There are so many choices and styles of cars and ...

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Day 7 – No Electricity!


Wow, its been seven whole long days without electricity since we were hit with the Hurricane! Not only no electricity but no water too! Not a fun combination. Other than a tree that fell into our garage everything else is not too bad. Although we were mildly prepared, I never though that something like this would happen, simply because it never has happened before. Now we know differently! There are so many different steps I would take knowing what I do now! We have been hanging in there by ...

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Thank you Irene!


Hurricane Irene hit our neighborhood pretty badly. There are trees knocked down and utility wires all over our streets! We had only one big tree crash onto our garage...it was scary, but we are so grateful that it missed our house and cars! We are going to be without electricity for a while it seems! We are very grateful that our family, friends and neighbors are all safe through it all! We hope you are all safe as well! We will be offline most likely for the next couple of days, so if you ...

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First Signs of Spring

It has been a super long winter here in New England! It snowed a record amount and we are looking forward to Spring more than usual. See our snow pictures as proof,"Snow-ly Moly", "The Weather Outside is Frightful" and "Still Snowing"!  I always love the first signs of spring, when fresh new green signs of life emerge around us. It is so refreshing and promising, one of the best feelings.I wanted to share a couple of pictures from around our yard, although there are still snow patches here ...

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Math On The Road

You know those cute questions kids ask? The ones that make you giggle for days? Well, we had a super cute one the other day while waiting in line at a drive through. Our son, very inquisitively asks "why do trucks say 4 times 4 on them?" My first thought was to laugh, then to give him the explanation of course.But, it got us to thinking though, why is it necesary for trucks to have a 4x4 announcement slapped on? I assume the owner knew what they were buying?   ;) ...

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The Weather Outside Is Frightful….

Its been snowing like crazy all day. Wanted to share some pics! We finally finished clearing the driveway and cars. Cooked dinner, settled in... and its snowing like crazy again... wonderful! Have you been hit with snow?  I am so exhausted I am going to park in front of the TV for the first time in weeks!  Hope everyone is happy and safe tonight ;)If you haven't linked up to our fun hop yet, this weeks theme is "what is the weather" where you live! Join us: Where In The World Are You ...

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