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Creative Ideas for Decorating Easter Eggs (and giveaway)

Neato! Egg-Tastic Ideas for Easter. Napkin Decoupage, Polka Dots to Colored Eggs with Rubberbands. #Easter

This week has been so busy for me, it's finally really sinking in that Easter is only a week away. Actually, I can't believe it's even April right now! It's not just me, according to the weather it's  been chilly for what seems like ages now. Today, we finally had a full day of sunshine without cold wind. Maybe we're making progress after all.  No matter what the temperature outside, these fun Easter egg ideas will keep you busy indoors or outdoors! I'm sharing some awesome ideas from my … [Read more...]

44 Awesome Peeps Crafts and Recipes


What would Easter be without Peeps goodies? They're so nostalgic for me, I can hardly stand it. So cute, so fun. Nuff said. Today I gathered 44 awesome things to do with Peeps this Easter. Before I share the good-ness, I want to tell you about the Peeps #fail that I had. I wanted to make Peeps freezer pops, so I bought some of those cool push up cake pop holders. No clue that they had holes in them, so that "should" have been my warning to give up. Nope. I decided to use some whipped topping to … [Read more...]

3 Awesome Things To Make with Peeps #PeepsTreats


It's almost Peeps® season! I can't think of a more nostalgic treat! I've been asked to put together some fun Peeps® Treats using Wilton products to share in this sponsored post by Lunchbox. As you can imagine, I was pretty excited about being asked to have fun in the kitchen. All opinions are my own.  First let me tell you about some awesome new flavors that we tried. Party Cake, oh my! Yes, they now have Party Cake Peeps®! Then there is Blue Raspberry which ended up being my favorite and then … [Read more...]

Printable Gift Topper: Give Bunny Kisses This Easter (Hopping Down Hershey’s Bunny Trail)

Bunny Kisses #Easter #Printable

Easter is almost here, so exciting! Its a wonderful time of the year to celebrate so many things.  We enjoy so many fun traditions and always celebrate with family. From egg decorating to gift giving, it's always a special time to create new memories. This year we are also hopping down the Hershey's Bunny Trail for some added fun. Hope you will join us! Want to give Bunny Kisses this year? With Hershey's Kisses and our free printable bag topper, you'll have gift giving this Easter in the … [Read more...]

Healthier Easter Treat Ideas and Free Printable

Healthier Easter Treat Ideas and Free #Printable #Easter Bag Topper

Easter is just around the corner and there will be lots of candy pretty much everywhere! I thought it would be nice to chat about some Easter Basket fillers that were a little healthier today. Plus I have a really cute gift idea with a free printable topper to make giving a healthier treat a little more fun this year. Are you game? Healthy Easter Basket Filler Ideas What is the opposite of eating lots of candy and chocolate calories? You guessed it - burning calories! Giving toys that … [Read more...]

Hard-Cook Eggs in Your Oven. For Real!

How To Make Hard Cooked Eggs in the Oven #Recipes #Tutorial

Am I the only person that can't boil eggs properly? I always have some issue and end up cracking eggs or they kind of explode in the pot. So frustrating! I've been meaning to try out hard cooked eggs in the slow cooker too, that seemed more up my alley. Well, I just learned about another way to cook em too and that is in the oven! I wish that I'd heard of this years ago, I could have spared myself a lot of frustration... and more importantly self esteem ;) How To Make Hard Cook Eggs in … [Read more...]

Milk Jug Easter Bunny Basket Kids Craft

Milk Jug Easter Bunny

Easter is coming soon! We have been trying to craft with things around the house to cut costs and also be greener. This Milk Jug Easter Bunny Basket can be crafted from a milk jug and other scraps you have around the house. Isn't he super cute? *Supplies* * Empty Milk Jug * Construction Paper or other colored paper scraps such as file folders, old cards, etc * Scissors * Glue &/or Tape * Colored Markers *Instructions* First you will need to cut off the top of your milk jug, for … [Read more...]