Make Candy Carrot Cupcakes with Circus Peanuts & Green Licorice

spring carrot cupcakes

Hey, hey! Glad you came back for more fun with carrots today.  This just might be the last carrot share from me for the season, so I may as well make it a good one! I have to admit this was one of the most fun goodies using a throwback candy. Circus Peanuts! I can't remember the last time I actually had these, I remember always finding them intriguing as a kid. I mean peanuts? I'm sure there is an interesting story involved, but for now making tasty sweet carrots is in order. This post contains … [Read more...]

Easy Gumdrop Carrot Cupcakes

carrot cupcakes

Remember when I said there would be more carrot things happening around here? Well, the time is here! I brainstormed some fun carrot inspired cupcake ideas to share this week. This is the first batch and you have to promise to visit tomorrow because I'll be sharing my second batch of cute carrot cupcakes. In true Dawn fashion (that's me), these are super easy to make. I'm talking fresh cupcakes baked up straight from the box and store-bought icing. You don't have to have a lot of time or … [Read more...]

Up-cycled Bunny & Chick Easter Baskets Made with the New Half-gallon Size International Delight

upcycled bunny

If there's something you probably know about me, it's that I love coffee. There's not one person I've met that wouldn't be able to name that little fact about me if asked.  There's not a day that goes by where I don't enjoy a cup or three. That's why I'm pretty excited about finally being able to stock up on coffee creamer in a big way.  It's about time, don't you think? This post was sponsored by International Delight® Coffee Creamer and I was compensated to write it. Regardless, what I have … [Read more...]

Easter Fun: Make Carrot Inspired Mason Jars

easter carrot mason jars

It's a carrot packed Easter. See, I told you that there were lots of fun carrot ideas on the way. I love mason jar. I really do.  It just made sense to try to work them into a spring project. There are so many ways to go with these. Paint them solid orange or just  a tint? I wanted to try out some translucent orange paint, so I filled them with fun orange gumballs instead. My favorite part though? The carrot "stems" made of green tulle. Let the good times roll! This post contains affiliate … [Read more...]

Turn EOS Lip Balm Into a Cute Carrot

lip gloss carrots

We've been hatching up some extra fun ideas for Easter. I was really excited when I got the idea to make cute little carrots out of EOS Tangerine Lip Balm. It's not even funny how many people adore this cute little lip balm, I was totally late to the game, but have to admit that their Tangerine is by far my favorite to date.  I bet lots of kids, teens and even adults would love the Easter Bunny to drop off some of their favorite beauty products this year. Adding some simple green ribbon to these … [Read more...]

Make a Cute Bunny Ear Headband in Minutes

diy easter headband

Are you ready for a fun Easter treat? Nope, not candy this time. Maybe soon! But, today I want to share a really easy idea that's just adorable. We're making cute bunny ear headbands in just minutes with the help of "chenille stems" (also referred to as "pipe cleaners"). These bring back a lot of great project memories from school. Now, I get to play with them as an adult. I just love it! So, let's have a little fun! You don't even need glue for this one, which is a bonus. While I love … [Read more...]

Try Something New: Polka Dot Gold Glitter Eggs

gold polka dot eggs

I'm excited for spring and all the wonderful goodness it brings. This year, I want to try all different fun Easter projects and that includes lots of egg decorating!  Have you seen polka dot eggs using Glue Dots yet? They are cute. These easy to use glue "stick-ons" allow for  some great and easy creativity.  I kept thinking about using gold glitter dots on brown eggs for something a little unique.  This post contains affiliate links. I've really been digging gold lately, it seems to be … [Read more...]

Simple Easter or Spring Gift: “Carrot” Nail Polish

carrot nail polish

Spring is in the air. It really is! The countdown is officially on with only a few days left of winter. While, here in Florida it's been HOT, I am extra happy for my friends and family back in New England. Hopefully all that snow melts quickly! We need to clear room for the Easter Bunny! I thought it would be fun to start sharing some Easter ideas this week. This is an extremely simple way to share some spring or Easter lovin' with a gal pal or teenager in your life.  Making "carrot" nail … [Read more...]

Creative Ideas for Decorating Easter Eggs (and giveaway)

Neato! Egg-Tastic Ideas for Easter. Napkin Decoupage, Polka Dots to Colored Eggs with Rubberbands. #Easter

This week has been so busy for me, it's finally really sinking in that Easter is only a week away. Actually, I can't believe it's even April right now! It's not just me, according to the weather it's  been chilly for what seems like ages now. Today, we finally had a full day of sunshine without cold wind. Maybe we're making progress after all.  No matter what the temperature outside, these fun Easter egg ideas will keep you busy indoors or outdoors! I'm sharing some awesome ideas from my … [Read more...]

44 Awesome Peeps Crafts and Recipes


What would Easter be without Peeps goodies? They're so nostalgic for me, I can hardly stand it. So cute, so fun. Nuff said. Today I gathered 44 awesome things to do with Peeps this Easter. Before I share the good-ness, I want to tell you about the Peeps #fail that I had. I wanted to make Peeps freezer pops, so I bought some of those cool push up cake pop holders. No clue that they had holes in them, so that "should" have been my warning to give up. Nope. I decided to use some whipped topping to … [Read more...]

3 Awesome Things To Make with Peeps #PeepsTreats


It's almost Peeps® season! I can't think of a more nostalgic treat! I've been asked to put together some fun Peeps® Treats using Wilton products to share in this sponsored post by Lunchbox. As you can imagine, I was pretty excited about being asked to have fun in the kitchen. All opinions are my own.  First let me tell you about some awesome new flavors that we tried. Party Cake, oh my! Yes, they now have Party Cake Peeps®! Then there is Blue Raspberry which ended up being my favorite and then … [Read more...]