Easy Treat: Monster S’mores

easy and kids will love these! monster smores!

Halloween is here! Well, almost. October flew by and I almost didn't get to share these Monster S'mores.  Even though there are only a few hours before the ghosts and goblins start haunting our neighborhoods, there is always time for an easy extra treat. Don't you agree? These literally take a few minutes to throw together, so if you're out of time but still want to serve up something festive... these should totally fit the bill. If you can handle something a little more gory - but still … [Read more...]

Spooky Halloween Party Ideas ($200 Kmart Gift Card Giveaway)

diy halloween cupcake stand

Seriously, time is flying like a witch on a broomstick. Only a little over two weeks until the most creep-tastic day of the year! Time to narrow down some ghoulish party ideas that will spook your guests. Last week I shared some of the things that I spotted at Kmart for Halloween. Remember all that creepy zombie guy or the giant glowing skeleton? I finally get to share all my ideas here together in motion today. We had a blast creating all these party goodies, hope you will enjoy as much as we … [Read more...]

Slimy Monster Cupcakes

monster cupcakes

Oh googly eyes, how I love thee. From stickers to candy, they are the cutest. I've had a package of candy eyes just waiting to be used up and I finally conjured up an idea. My husband actually indirectly gave me the idea for these cupcakes. Last weekend I made some bloody s'mores and drizzled red cookie icing over them. He thought green would also be cool for Halloween. Brilliant. (Oh yeah those are coming soon). On my quest to check out green icing options, I stumbled on this bad butt … [Read more...]

Undead Skeleton Hand Cupcakes

skeleton cupcakes

These cupcakes are for all those people like me who are really not all that awesome at baking but love creating fun goodies. I was cruising down the Halloween aisle at Michaels when I spotted these creepy skeleton hand cupcake toppers. Have you seen these and been tempted? How could I refuse? I was planning on making a slew of cupcakes to try out different creep-tastic ideas anyway.  You'll have to excuse me, I totally have a sugar rush right now.  Just indulged in another one of these before … [Read more...]

Bloody Halloween S’mores

halloween smores

Today was the absolute perfect autumn day here in little Rhode Island. We watched our football team and spent time walking at the park surrounded with beautiful foliage. I am seriously hoping this weather lasts, keeping my fingers and toes crossed. With the cooler air, I'm totally getting into the Halloween mood big time. I decorated a bit this weekend, put a pretty little pumpkin outside our front door and got to making some spooky treats in anticipation of the most haunted day of the … [Read more...]

5 Creepy Ideas to Decorate for Halloween

spooky halloween

Can't believe there is only three weeks until Halloween! How did that happen? Time to start getting a little excited and festive. Isn't it funny how we enjoy getting all creepy? I mean any other month of the year if I stumbled on a faux graveyard scene or a rogue bloody limb, I'd probably lose it.  You'd hear my screaming from another state. I mean Rhode Island is small and all, but trust me my screech would be heard from afar.  This is a sponsored discussion as part of the Kmart Ambassador … [Read more...]

Family Baking: Effortless Spooky Halloween Treats

brain cupcakes

Are you a big Halloween fanatic? Such a fun holiday and  it's not only fun for the kids. We can have some fun too! Today, I'm sharing a slew of fun ideas that you can both bake up together. Baking with kids is fun and a way to spend some quality time. Get your matching aprons on and check out all these fun products that can help you get some spooky fun going on in your kitchen this month. I’m a proud World Market Trendsetter, promotional items have been provided for this post. Today, I’m … [Read more...]

DIY Spray Paint Pumpkins


Halloween is almost here and I finally decorated some pumpkins. I've actually had this idea for nearly a month and never got around to it. Well, better late than never! This was my first time spray painting pumpkins and I have to say it was FUN! I've been busy cooking up Halloween recipes and ideas, it was time to get a little crafty. Here is what I used for two different spray painted looks.  I used a bright gloss orange color in Rust-Oleum Brand and then a gold glitter made my Krylon. Both … [Read more...]