Get These Happy St. “Patties” Day Printable Gift Tags

st patricks day patties

Only a week until St. Patrick's Day! I thought the idea of giving peppermint "patties" for cute little gifts would be a fun idea. Nice little play on words.  These are so simple to put together and make friends and family smile a bit.  I created a simple printable with 6 of these gift tags per page.  To throw these gifts together, you just need a couple of things. You'll just need little plastic baggies, peppermint patties and either a stapler or simply tape to seal up the bags and adhere the ...

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Make Cute Shamrock Shaped Ice Cream Treats

shamrock treat

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. How about a festive treat just in time for St. Patrick's Day? If your looking for a no fuss way to celebrate with the kiddos, this might be the answer. All you need is green ice cream like Mint Chocolate Chip and a Shamrock cookie cutter to make this irresistibly cute sweet treat. There are affiliate links in this post. You simply start off with a half gallon of your preferred ice cream flavor and let it melt.  While it's melting, line a large ...

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Make Green Tinted Tasty Lip Balm for St. Patrick’s Day

easy green tinted lipbalm

Want to make a quick little fun treat for the kiddos for St. Patrick's Day? It doesn't get any more simple than this two ingredient green tinted lip balm with only two ingredients. I shared a different lip balm recipe in the past, but this time I switched up the ingredients. This one calls for just Vaseline and Green Kool-Aid. Since I had a huge amount leftover from the St. Patrick's Day milkshakes I shared recently, I wanted to try to use some of it up. This was a tasty way to do ...

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St. Patrick’s Day Party: DIY Leprechaun Belt Cups

diy leprechaun cups

What is St. Patrick's Day without a visit from Leprechauns? Whether you are planning a fun party or just trying to come up with ideas for the kids, this is nice and easy to add some fun to your day. There are a few ways that you can make them too. The cups can be as fancy or as simple as you want. Either way, I promise they are super easy party decor to spruce things up a bit. This post contains affiliate links.  If this idea looks somewhat familiar, you might remember my Santa's Belt ...

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Easy Green Kool-Aid Milkshake Recipe for St. Patrick’s Day

Three ingredients to make a festive Kool Aid Milkshake for #StPatrick'sDay

Between green colored treats and gold at the end of rainbows, I thought it would be fun to share a quick and easy treat. A while back I shared a very easy recipe for Kool-Aid milkshakes. Today, I'm giving the recipe a quick St. Patrick's Day makeover. There are a couple of different "green" flavors available such as Lemon Lime and Green Apple. With the addition of milk and vanilla frozen yogurt, you can whip up a quick St. Paddy's Day treat in no time. For these quick milkshakes, I used the ...

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Share Luck with these St. Patrick’s Day Hot Cocoa Mason Jar Gifts

st pattys diy gifts

Do you like to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? I sure hope so, because I have some cute and simple ideas that I'll be sharing over the next couple of weeks. I was really sad that I didn't get to share many Valentine's Day projects because I was smack in the middle of moving. Actually, who am I kidding. I am still really sad about that. So, now that were (mostly) settled in our new home, I am definitely not letting St. Patty's Day go un-celebrated! That's a big ole promise! This post contains ...

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Printable St. Patrick’s Day Friendship Gift Tags

Free Printable St. Patrick's Day Gift Bag Tags #stpatricksday

Ready for some St. Paddy’s Day fun? It will be here on March 17th, so lets get the festivities started.  What better way to celebrate friendship than with some chocolate? I know I personally can’t argue with that!  St. Patrick's Day is the perfect time to share some green, gold or heck even some Lucky Charms cereal with a friend.  Check out these cute printable gift tags that read "Your friendship is more valuable than gold". Then, pack up some golden treats and you have yourself the easiest ...

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Printable St. Patrick’s Day Gift Tag “Kiss Me, I’m Irish”

St. Patrick's Day Gift Idea! Kiss Me Im Irish Free #Printable #StPatricksDay

Ready for some St. Paddy's Day fun? It will be here on March 17th, so lets get the festivities started. Yesterday I shared our printable gift idea for those of you who aren't Irish... but want to celebrate like you are for day. Maybe you are actually Irish, so today, as promised, I have the "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" printable to share. What better way to celebrate any day than with some chocolate? I know I personally can't argue with that! So, share some green or some Lucky Charms cereal treats and ...

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Printable St. Patrick’s Day Gift Tag “I’m Not Irish, but You Should Totally Kiss Me Anyway

I'm not Irish, but you should totally kiss me anyway. Printable gift tags #printable #stpatricksday

St. Patrick's Day is coming up? Are you ready with your fun traditional and or green goodies galore yet? Are you Irish? Or more importantly in this case... not Irish? My Hubs and I put together a cute printable gift tag that goes great for those who want to celebrate like the Irish this year. The tags say "I'm not Irish, but You Should Totally Kiss Me Anyway".  Just add some yummy Hershey Kisses chocolate candies to a little gift bag and you have yourself a fun little super easy gift for your ...

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Leprechaun Samoa Ice Pops Recipe

Leprechaun Samoa Pops #StPatricksDay #Recipe

Green stuff. It's everywhere around St. Patrick's Day! I've been thinking about green foods for the past couple of weeks, it's not an easy color to make treats with that's for sure. While grocery shopping last week, some lime sherbet caught my eye and I rejoiced a bit inside. You see, I don't like mint or pistachio ice cream. Is that weird? Well anyway, Samoa Girl Scout Cookies have always been my favorite and I'd also seen so many fabulous recipes on Pinterest using the concept. These ...

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Lucky Charms “Cake” Recipe

Lucky Charms Cake #StPatricksDay #Recipe

With St. Patrick's Day on the way I wanted to try something fun with Lucky Charms. After brainstorming a bit and sort of out of ideas, I thought why not a little cake made with the cereal and marshmallow topping? So, I grabbed my mini spring form pan and got to making it. It's really easy to put together, with the exception of plucking and separating some of the marshmallows from the cereal. My son thought it was the coolest thing ever, so it was totally worth doing.;) This cereal "cake" ...

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