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How To Make Duck Tape Gift Bags and Hearts for Valentine’s Day #DuckValentine

Duck Tape Gift Bags

This post brought to you by Duck Brand provided by ShurTech Brands, LLC. All opinions are 100% mine. I just love Valentine's Day, it's so fun! Add some seasonal Duck Brand® Tape to the mix and the opportunities for V-day cuteness are just endless. I just love their new Holiday Designs and the colors they have to choose from. I decided to make some simple goodie bags featuring some of the special tapes. Plus, I made hearts out it too, I'll share how I did it all. I loved contrasting the colors … [Read more...]

3 Ingredient Gooey Raspberry Trifle Recipe

Super easy Valentine's Day Dessert with only 3 ingredients!

I am a sucker for Valentine's Day and by default... festive goodies too. Just can't get enough of pink and red this time of the year. I had it in mind to try using Raspberry pie filling with just a cake mix to see how that would taste. Because I've tried using soda and even sweet potato with cake mix and it's been super simple as well as ultra delicious and moist. Well, it's official I baked up a yellow cake mix with only a can of Raspberry Pie filling and it's delish! What I love best is the … [Read more...]

Perfectly Pink Popcorn Recipe with White Chocolate


Not only is pink one of my favorite colors, coming in a close second to purple, but it's a fabulous and festive color for Valentine's Day. I had a slew of white chocolate leftover from the holidays that I wanted to use up and thought it would be just the perfect popcorn topping and great for getting pretty pink sprinkles to stick on popcorn. I thought the results would be super sweet, but it came out just perfectly, instant favorite. Why haven't I tried playing with my popcorn this … [Read more...]

Learn How To Make Pink Sugar for Valentine’s Day & Baby Showers

How to make pink sugar tutorial

With Valentine's Day on the way, I thought it would be cool to experiment with making pink sugar. Oh and my cousin is expecting a GIRL, so this will also come in handy for baby shower treats! The beautiful part is that its so easy, you see because we know that white + red = pink and that sugar is already white. Add some red food coloring to it and you easily have pink. But, what shade of pink would you like to make? At the expense of looking like a complete weirdo to my family (true story), I've … [Read more...]

Holiday Hacks: No Bake Chocolate Cherry Cookie Balls Recipe


The holiday crunch is on! Feeling really behind and super busy? No worries, I have some fabulous recipe and EASY homemade gifts for you! The first up? These no bake Chocolate Cherry Cookie Balls. So easy, yet scrumptious! Nobody will believe you barely spent any time making them! Can I get a whoo hoo? [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:68] Make sure to come back over the next week to find more simply ideas for gifting and simple recipes to make this holiday a hit in no time!   Want more … [Read more...]

3 Ingredient Chocolate Cherry Pie Cups Recipe

3 Ingredient Chocolate Cherry Cups #Recipe #Desserts

Wish everything was easy? Me too! Well, while I can't completely help with that, I can help you with a sweet treat for Valentine's Day. I think chocolate and cherry pretty much always equals delicious, especially to celebrate a day of love. I recently made these adorable and easy dessert cups using apple pie filling and they were yummy.   Wonton wrappers can easily baked into little cups which serve as a shell for both savory and sweet foods, which is super fun. So, its time to switch them up … [Read more...]

5 Fun Valentine’s Day Printable Gift Ideas

5 Printable Valentine's Day Gift Ideas #ValentinesDay #Crafts #Printables

There is only a week until Valentine's Day and there is plenty of time to create something cute and thoughtful. We have made it even easier with 5 ideas all ready for you. You just need to grab a few things and you'll be good to go! Fun Printable Valentine's Day Gifts Here are three options using candy.. oh yummy candy.  Our Friendship is Sweeter than Candy. Print super cute V-day tags and use any type of candy that you like. I used Wonka Mini Chewy SweeTarts. Very yummy.  Create this … [Read more...]

Printable Valentine’s Day Gift: You Make My Heart Skip a Beat

Printable #ValentinesDay Gift #Craft

Candy, candy, candy! There is never a shortage of it around Valentine's Day! Well, this new gift idea will help burn off those extra calories from all of the sugar consumption. Our new printable gift idea is based on a jump rope. You know the little multi-packs you can buy in the part section of stores? Those are great for affordable, but unique gifting... especially when you add a super cute matching gift tag. The new tag says "You Make My Heart Skip a Beat". How to Make “You Make My … [Read more...]